The Perfect Jean Doesn’t Exi…



Two weeks ago Cindy Crawford posted a video to her Instagram of her 90s Pepsi commercial where she climbs out of a red car, struts across a dusty parking lot and chugs a can Pepsi in front of two drooling children. I bet she chugged cans of Pepsi all the time, by the way. Not even diet Pepsi. Pepsi. Seems legit. *rolls eyes*. Anyways, as I watched the video the only thing I was paying attention to (besides the absurdity of this model chugging pop) was the pair of denim shorts she’s wearing. The video includes an interview where she explains that the AMAZING shorts in the video were actually jeans she’d worn to the set that they then cut into shorts for the commercial. I felt frustrated that I would never find denim like that and that even if I did I wouldn’t pull them off like Cindy.

Then Privilege posted to their Instagram that they had GRLFRND denim in stock and I felt hope. Like skeptical hope cause I still thought, right, but I’ll still not look like Cindy Crawford in them cause they’re jeans not miracles. BUT, and here’s the best part, THEY ARE! THEY ARE F&$CKING MIRACLES!

I put a pair on yesterday and I learned to love myself again! Just kidding. I’ve got a generally healthy relationship with my body. But these jeans, Wow. I felt like I was Cindy Crawford stepping out of a car ready to chug all the cans of pop in the world.

So a bit about these jeans. They are inspired by the high wasted, raw denim style of the 90s but in like a 90s super model kind of way – not a front bum, loose thigh, tapered ankle kind of way. They’re not mom jeans. They’re girlfriend jeans, but without syllables. Ummmm, what else can I tell ya? I don’t know, just try them on for yourself. You’ll see.

~ Lindsey Strang

Lindsey lives in Canada and stays home with her two girls. She has a degree in Communications that makes for good wall art in her den if nothing else. You can find her sense of humor on Instagram at daysofourshittylives.



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